Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is The Grant Portal?

The Grant Portal is not a grant provider.  It is the largest online catalog of grants currently accepting applications.  The Grant Portal developed a proprietary grant searching engine. We strive to be the one-stop source for reputable, reliable, and up-to-date grant search information. The Grant Portal is a subscription-based website. Only paid subscribers to the website can view the grant details. Anyone can create an account and select grant categories of interest.  The Grant Portal send alerts to email.

if the  Deadline  shows  'Ongoing',  this means the grant provider accepts grant applications or letters of inquiry at any time and awards are issued annually.  It is important to check the grant provider's website for specific application deadlines.

If the  Grant Funding Amount  shows  'Open'  , this means the grant provider does not limit the request amount for funding.

Why does The Grant Portal charge a fee?

You can locate grants for free on your own - but for people who are short on time, staff, or don't know where to start - they can use our extensive service to make it easier to find grants! Our service is targeted towards nonprofits and established for-profits (businesses). We are a proprietary listing directory, and our diligent staff spends each working day adding verified grants to our database.

How do I add or list a grant to The Grant Portal?

You can list a grant to our site by visiting "Add a Grant" displayed in our website's navigation tab. Once your listing has been verified and approved by our team, it will be added to our site.

How can I be added to your email list?

If you wish to join our email list and receive our free weekly newsletter, please “  sign up here  ”. Check your spam folder if you do not receive our emails in your inbox within 7 days.

Can I search for grants based on my recipient type?

Yes, we have filters available to help narrow down your search.

  • Grants for Nonprofits
  • Grants for Small Businesses/For-Profits
  • Grants for Individuals

Once you click on the link above, select your 'Location' by choosing your State.

Then, use the 'Category' dropdown menu available to filter your grant interests. We highly recommend selecting only one location and one category at a time for the most efficient results.

Do you have grants for my location?

Our database includes grants for all 50 USA states, US territories, Canadian provinces, as well as an international selection.

Will I need a grant writer?

Each grant has a different application process. Some applications are simple and designed to be completed without the need for a grant writer. Typically, however, larger sum grants require a more extensive application and knowledge process. We recommend hiring a grant writer if you are not comfortable completing the grant application process yourself.

Why can I not see the full grant details?

As a free Member, you have limited access to The Grant Portal. You will not be able to view the full grant details, nor apply for grants. You will need to upgrade to a paid account if you wish to have full access.

Can I cancel my paid subscription?

Yes, you can cancel a paid subscription at any time. Follow the direction on the Terms & Conditions page

Can I upgrade or change my paid subscription?

In order to change your paid subscription to another paid subscription, you must first cancel ( Terms & Conditions ) your current subscription. Next, purchase a new subscription. Fees paid towards previous subscriptions are not pro-rated or applied toward to a new subscription.