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National Theatre Company Grants Program

GrantID : 474
Grant Funding Amount Low: $1,000
Grant Amount High: $1,000
Deadline : Ongoing

Please see funder's website for details as this grant is ongoing. National theatre company grants program innovative theatre companies making local impact across the nation by connecting their community to excellence in the performing arts, helps these progressive theatre organizations build infrastructure, enhance resources, and create new initiatives.


  • Arts, Culture, History & Humanities
  • Black, Indigenous, People of Color
  • Individual
  • Science, Technology Research & Development

Eligible Requirements

  • Individuals

Eligible Regions

  • Louisiana (USA)
  • California (USA)
  • New Jersey (USA)
  • Pennsylvania (USA)
  • Texas (USA)
  • Arkansas (USA)
  • Colorado (USA)
  • Georgia (USA)
  • Idaho (USA)
  • Illinois (USA)
  • Indiana (USA)
  • Massachusetts (USA)
  • Michigan (USA)
  • Minnesota (USA)
  • Missouri (USA)
  • New York City (USA)
  • North Carolina (USA)
  • North Dakota (USA)
  • Ohio (USA)
  • Oklahoma (USA)
  • Oregon (USA)
  • Rhode Island (USA)
  • Virginia (USA)
  • Washington, DC (USA)